Alpha Nurseries, Inc is a wholesale seedling nursery located in Holland, MI. We grow both conifers and broadleaves; in trees and shrubs. We specialize in growing bare-root woody plants (no herbaceous, perennials, etc.) to supply the following markets:

        Native Plants for restoration, habitat improvement and development, mitigation projects, etc.

        Non-native plants for the Christmas tree industry and ornamental wholesale landscape industry.

        A combination of the above for re-sale to Soil and Water Districts across the Upper Midwest and East Coast, as well as to other         non-profit organizations and other commercial plant distributors.

We do grow several million plants a year over a selection of 250 species of plants. Shipping season begins in late September and continues through the following June. We cannot fill orders for less than $100.00 as we deal in larger quantities. Private parties are welcome to order, if they can meet the minimum order.

New: Interested in seeing how we developed an 80 acre property for recreation, new forest planting and hunting?” Click here to learn our story and the “Generally Accepted Best Principles” for planting tree seedlings, which we are developing from it.
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